03 August 2006

Baby 13


(I suppose I should state that we've actually already decided on names, which are included in this list. What are your favourites? Can you guess the ones we've chosen?)

Boys first: 1. Simon (I've always had a thing for the lead singer of Duran Duran)

2. Alek

3. We could go with the 100th most popular name from the 1880s - Milton (ok, probably not...though it could be better than the 103rd most popuar - Lester)

4. Adolf (it's a family name)

5. Sebastian (it's German)

6. Raymond (after my father)

Now the Girls: 7. Katrien (again, we like those Germanic names)

8. Emma (the most popular name of 2005. Ok, I'd never actually choose a popular name again!)

9. Amelia (#100 in 1880! #103 of that year? Beulah! ugh!)

10. Saskia (because our last name isn't Polish enough!)

11. Lorelei (so I like the Gilmore Girls)

12. Lizzy (thank you Jane Austen)

or for either: 13. Tad (short for Tadpole, which is what we call the baby right now!)

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angela said...

OK, I am going to cop out because I don't have anything yet, but I will tell you how I came up with my kids names...

1. Lots of nickname potential
2. Something that could have a variation whether they were a rock star or a court judge.
3. We wanted at least one Bible name of high integrity
4. If you look at the initials, it can't be embarrassing.
5. No obvious mocking potential.

I'll think about it....

I'm glad we are thinking about it:-)

Kassi said...

I'd consider Simon, I've always liked that name.

angela said...

Are you laughing that I thought this was for us to give you names???

I like Simon, too...and Sebastian made it to my top 10 boy names, but I'm not sure I would really use it. I love the way it sounds, though. I think you need to work your dad's name in there.

Love Amelia...Love Lorelei and I was thinking Lisbeth or Elise or something like that and Lizzie is a good nickname for those...I really liked when EmmaLee came out as well, but as you say, pretty used. Love Flora, Flossie, Rosie, Lily (gaining in popularity) and MY all time for no reason fave for a girl is Jemima...but it makes me think of the syrup...I guess my fantasy names for kids would ahve been Sebastian and Jemima...not in Oklahoma though, I don't think.

OK, I have guests coming tonight so I am out of here. Fun fun fun with names...:-)

Kendra said...

I'm a fan of Amelia! I love german names though! Hope things go well!

Happy Thursday!

Christine said...

Lorelei was the name of one of my best friends in HS. I liked Duran Duran too, Simon sounds like a great name!
Can't wait to find out what you name you choose!
Happy Thursday!

Missi said...

Wow, my husband's name is Raymond :-)

I love Katrien and Amelia.

Great list!

Thanks for visiting!

I am using my old blog address to sign in, it won't let me use my typepad blog.
Here is my real blog:

Lisa said...

I love Lorelei..my husband shot that one down. We have an Emma - I really haven't encountered any (YET) - I'm anxious to see what happens when she starts school!

Boy names...I am thankful we didn't have any because we were just completely BLANK on them. I know a Sebastian here, and he's kind of ruined that name for me. (funny how that goes!) Simon is cute!

Alli's Mom said...

I love Lorelei and Emma....the other ones are very interesting, which I like, since I have one of those "weird" names too......great list though!

Thanks for stopping by my TT!

Tracie said...

Oh, you so should go with Lorelai--my husband and I batted that one around a bit when I was pregnant.

Here is a special thing--I have a neice who's middle name is Duran..after Duran Duran.

#7 is very close to what we decided to name our daughter-Katarina