09 June 2006

Weekend Madness

Saturday I will work with 2 weddings at my new job, plus host a bridal shower...all of them outside. Please say a prayer for no rain! The shower is for my friend, Jo, and it's a Garden Party theme. Gerbera Daisies & big hats!

Sunday we're heading down Chicago way to go to the Wilton Tent Sale...everything for cake decorating at a huge discount! Looking forward to that, since we started Course 3 last night. I are going to learn all about fondant, so I'll be able to make some Amazing cakes! Then, we'll go to...PugFest! I know, isn't that hilarious?! Nothing but pugs! No, I don't own one, though I would. But they totally crap me up! I'm certain I'll be laughing the whole time. Then dinner w/the in-laws. His mum is heading to Eastern Europe next week to "pick up" his sis in Poland, then they'll tour around for 3 weeks. Good way to start summer vacation, eh?

Yesterday the daughter had a tooth pulled. The dentist was amazing, and it was done before she even knew they'd given her a shot & yanked it out. I realized just how strong & non-quesy you really have to be for your kids. And that distraction is a good thing! She had a tooth that wasn't growing in correctly, as it didn't have enough space, so by removing one, it will move down into that gap & fill it in. Cool, eh? Amazing how the body can heal itself.

Hubby goes in to be tested for his fertility today, and then I have tests Monday. Hopefully that will give us some answers and a "plan of attack". I've now decided to approach getting pregnant like a battle. "Troops attack!" (tee hee)

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angela said...

Yea...I am glad you all are trying to get some answers. We started trying for my oldest when we had been married about 7 years...it took us three years and some fertility enhancing drugs to get him. But if we hadn't checked, we wouldn't have gotten those...So i hope they have some answers for you.

Keep us apprised...and I hope the parties went well...