01 June 2006

Thirteen Treats I'm Hungry For Right Now
(I haven't had breakfast or lunch...as you can tell)
1. Real Lemonade (you know, the good fresh squeezed kind!)
2. Saurbraten Goulash (mmmm...German food!)
3. Raisin & Biscuit Yorkie Bar (my favourite candy bar in the world...from England)
4. A Cherry Slurpee (yes, from 7-11...there are no 7-11s in Wisconsin...how evil is that?)
5. No Bake Cookies (haven't had them in years!)
6. Warm gooey chocolate brownies (mmmm...chocolate)
7. Coke with lemon (Coke good, Pepsi bad)
8. BBQ ribs (gooey with sauce)
9. Shrimp Scampi (garlicy goodness)
10. Thai food (spicey yum)
11. a Cosmopolitan (made w/Absolut Mandarin...my drink o'choice)
12. Mandarin Chicken Salad (yes, something healthy now & again)
13. Ice cream...with chocolate (of course)

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Karen said...

Oooh, it's a hot day here, REAL lemonade sounds de-lish!

And anything with chocolate, I'm there, babe. lol

My list is up.

Sonya said...

Thanks alot. Now I'm starving too. LOL!

Libragirl said...

Ok, no more surfing. dinner time. thanks.

damn if that chocolate doesn't sound amazing.

no 7-11's no slupee's (the only reason to go) I am so sad for you

Titanium said...

My favorite snack? well.. it's more of a dessert. A freshly baked, warm, chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream on top.. then chocolate syrup, whipped cream & pecans. I only have it about once a year.. but it's really great!

Chaotic Mom said...

I'm originally from Wisconsin. Can you believe I actually MISS sauerbrauten goulash? Do you have a good recipe for it? I'd LOVE to introduce some good ol' German cooking to the boys!

Now living in 7-11 land, but also just bought a cherry Slurpee-type drink for the boys at BJs today that was ALMOST as good. ;)

Laci said...

I know No Bake Cookies are easy to make, but I just can't do it, which is why my mom send them in a monthly care package from Texas! :)

Cosmos are yummy -- and so is real lemonade. I've been drinking lemonade a lot lately, but just the mix...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Christine said...

It's dinnertime, and I'm super hungry now Thankyou! I love everything on your list except I haven't had #3 sounds yummy, and I'm sorry, but Pepsi is our drink of choice! I could go for some ice cold lemonade,BBQ ribs and chocolate ice cream...Thanks for the meal idea! Have a great Thursday!

angela said...

Yep...you have some stuff on here I have never even heard of...biscuit raisin candy? :-) :-) Didn't fo a TT this week...maybe next week things will be more normal. How's the new job going?

LibertyBelle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
LibertyBelle said...

I made a big boo boo above and will try again!
Your list is the most delicious list I've read!
I love all of it!
My Thursday Thirteen is up.

deudamiff said...

try me at www.galeeb.blogspot.com

TLC said...

No 7 Eleven?? That is evil. And I can't agree about Coke good...must.be.Pepsi.

Cosmos are wonderful, never tried Absolut Mandarin...I will have to try it the next blue moon when I actually get a drink.

Thanks for visiting my blog,and since you wanted to play... your letter is... L. 10 things. Go. ;oD


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