22 June 2006

Summer 13

13 Things I'm going to do this Summer

1. Complete all of the books on my summer reading list
2. Support my public library through my reading
3. Take a getaway with just my hubby
4. Take a true family vacation
5. Perform a few days at theBristol Renaissance Faire
6. Work hard at my new job...and coordinate Lots of weddings
7. Go canoeing on the Mississippi again (it's been years!)
8. Learn to scrapbook the endless amounts of photos I have
9. Help finish painting our house
10. Spend quality "downtime" with friends
11. Visit places I've never been to in the state I now reside
12. Work some more on that whole "having a baby" thing
13. Make new friends!
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Elle said...

This summer I'm going to finish the Great Downstairs Redecoration!

Have a great summer :)
Elle x

Mama Duck said...

Wonderful idea, good luck with all that!

Lynn said...

Oh, you will be busy! I need to finish all of the touch ups from our last summer's kitchen renovation......kids and school events got in the way during the winter and spring! Great list. Thanks for visiting my TT. Maine is a great place to visit in the fall. If you click on the links in my list you can see more pictures, etc.

Have a great weekend.

angela said...

I tried to get to you before you got to me today...you scooped me. But I DID do all my comments down to you...and now I am going to have to stop for awhile...kid/house things to do.:-)

Liked all the links on your list...I don't know how you are able to be so detailed, but it is definitely fun to read and click...

How goes the baby thing anyway? Still on the prayer rug for you:-)

One Scrappy Gal said...

Hello to my fellow scrapbooker!! :)

Let me know how you like the book The Devil Wears Prada, and thanks for stopping by!

Lady Jane said...

Great list, Kimba! I can't wait to do my summer reading either. I also need to get to the library!

Thank you for visiting my list!

Carmen said...

sounds like you're going to have a VERY nice summer.

Lazy Daisy said...

It all sounds do-able (haven't seen your reading list though!) Sounds like some great summer plans.

moonraker said...

Great List - I'm doing the Library thing too. You've a nice blog. Thanks for dropping by.

Maribeth said...

What a nice positive list!

moonraker said...

Saw your video - just got one but mine doesn't look the same size as yours - I put mine 150 x 150 is that yours?

kontan said...

busy summer and great reading list...thanks for stopping by

Kristarella said...

Renaissance fair looks fun! Makes me want to buy one of those cute peasant, corset dresses.

Naeva said...

Such an inspiring list!

I've lso just written things to do this summer in my blog. I put your link to this post there, hope the readers will get inspired. :D

Missi said...

Thanks for visiting!

I have been lurking your site for a bit,
I like your writing!

I think I may need to add some of your
books to my reading list!

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