05 June 2006


Today I've been bothered by pests all day. Let me start by saying my day began at the DMV...need I say more? After 1 1/2 hours of waiting, I was finally called, only to be told they couldn't do what I needed done. (Insert explative #1 here.)

Then it's off to the grocery to pick up a couple of things...of course they don't have what I'm looking for. Finally I make my way back home, put some laundry in...and my washer decides it stop mid-cycle, leaving clothes soaking wet & the machine 1/2 full. (Explative #2 goes here.) Another hour spent figuring out the problem while the phone begins to ring upstairs. Not wanting to go run to get it, I let it ring...for the next hour!

Ok, so I sold this guy my car and somehow in my move I can't seem to find the title. (The reason I was at the DMV to begin with today.) I told him I'd call him sometime today AFTER I had gotten a replacement. He called the house 40 times...in a row!!!! It became a game to me because, quite simply, I REFUSED to answer it at that point. (Feel free to insert explatives 3-40 at this time.) So I call him back finally & tell him "We have a problem". He had the nerve to get angry with ME when I told him not to call my house so much! Hello, when someone doesn't answer, maybe there is a reason?!? I explained that apparently there was a glitch when I moved from Michigan to Wisconsin, meaning I now have to contact the Michigan DMV and for him to give me a couple of days to try to clear up the confusion.

I go about my business, doing laundry, cleaning the house, etc...the oh-so-much-fun for a day off...when there's a knock at my door. His father & girlfriend are standing there asking me what's up with the title? Are you kidding me? I tell them exactly what I told the buyer guy, when they tell me they had gone to the DMV themselves & asked for information on the title of my car...and the DMV not only gave them the information but physically showed them the screen (you know, the screen that has all your information like social security numbers, etc. on it!!!) Now I don't know what to do, scream at them or file a lawsuit against the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation for invasion of privacy?!? (Yeah, about 100 more explatives wouldn't even begin to cover it at this point!) I'm livid...what the hell???


kassi said...

jerks with a capital "J". How terribly rude. While you are at it, sue them for harassment.

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