13 June 2006


So, my weekend didn't go as planned. The shower was nice enough (sunny, but very cold)though very few people came, which was disappointing. I don't understand how people can either just not RSVP or when they do, not show up. I am continually amazed at the rudeness of people. I didn't get to Pug Fest, unfortunately, though we did get alot of cool stuff at the Wilton sale. My daughter leaves for her father's house, out of state, for the entire summer in a couple of days, so while I have a few days off work, I've been trying to spend as much time with her as possible. We had her hairs cut (very cute short bob), have had lunches out together, saw "Over the Hedge" (hilarious movie, completely recommend it to anyone no matter if you have kids or not, no matter what their age if you do!), went to the Jelly Belly factory tour (it's only about 15 min. from our house, and we'd never gone...it was cheesy, but fun...and FREE Jelly Bellys to boot!) I'm going to miss her all summer, but I think it will be good for both of us.

On our way back from the cinema we rescued a pug! A little black pug was dodging cars on a busy street, so I pulled over, grabbed him, and we called the number on his collar...only to get a message that number was disconnected! We were so upset worrying about the little squishyface guy (named Teddy). We started to walk to some of the surrounding houses, when I hear someone calling his name. We walk the pug toward the voice, and this nasty woman (I hate to say it, but the epitome of white trash) comes gulumping across the street looking all angry with me. I tell her the pug was in the middle of the busy street, so I wanted to make sure he wasn't hit. What does she do? Glare at me and says, "yeah he's always running away from me". So then I say, "Well, I called the number on his collar but its disconnected. Maybe you should update that" as friendly as I possibly could. She grabs the dog from me and gulumps again back across the road with Teddy. My daugher & I just stood there dumbshocked for a moment. Are you kidding me? No thank you, no nothing?! Here we stood, both of us wanting a pug of our own, and this woman had zero appreciation for her pet! Oh, we got back in the car and were so upset! I'd say, how can people treat pets with such distain, but look how she treated the people who just saved her dog from being run down! UGH! I seriously HATE stupid people!



Kassi said...

I had pretty much the same experience when we rescued a Siamese cat. I have always wanted a Siamese, and here was this precious sweet tempered one, out in the cold. We found it's owner though, who was just about as graceful as your pug owner. And the cat, acted like it was scared in her arms...twisted my heart to pieces. Then...not 4 months later, there were "Lost" posters up again for the same Siamese. If we had found him again, we may not have given him back. Okay, I know we wouldn't have.

Anonymous said...

It's not that it's a low sperm count issue, it's just that his little swimmers suffer the same bi-polar issues as Paul. (IE: "What's the use of all of us battling our way to the egg? Only one of us gets to inseminate it. It's just too depressing to think about. I'm just going to stay at home tonight....." -Now multiply that by a million of those little guys.)

I have confidence in your fertility as a couple!!!


Kimba said...

Kim...oh no,his swimmers are strong & anxious...just not enough of them! I told him that he needs to get some noble soldiers in there wearing chainmail & armour, no more of these peasants with pitchforks! HAHA!

angela said...

OK...see you HIDE these things in a post with dogs and stuff and I don't see it. :-)


And what about inseminating you? We did that..they used our stuff and just kind of "place" it...so that they don't have so far to go.

Did they say anything about that?

I still think it's gonna happen.

And you can just know that everytime I post on yours I am putting in a prayer for you. Other times, too, but for sure then, because I am thinking about you. Don't give up.