03 June 2006

La La La La...L!

TLC over at "Send Chocolate" (gotta love that name!) tagged me to play, and since I love games, I had to! The plan is I have to come up with 10 words that represent me in some way that begin with the letter L. (If you'd like to come out and play too, leave me a comment, and I'll get back to you with your own letter!) (I'll be adding photos to go with the words later)
LILACS...my favourite flower! I love the delicacy of the bloom, the rich colour, and the fragrance. Nothing is more calming to me than the smell of lilacs! (It saddens me every year they only bloom such a short time.)
LITERATURE...I love to read! I'm always reading something, and a good book that will suck me in & make me feel that I know the characters is the best! I like many genres of literature...historical fiction probably being what I read most often. Some of my favourite authors are Anne Rice, Jane Austen, Lord Byron, Alexander McCall Smith and Linda Berdoll, to name a few.
LEGOS...possibly the greatest toy ever invented. Simple design, bright colours, the quintessential imagination builder. While I like some of the sets (like the Harry Potter ones, for example), nothing is better than the basic set that forces you to use your creativity.
LAUGHTER...especially my daughter's. What's better than being able to laugh?
LIPSTICK...no matter what, I will almost never go out without lipstick of some sort on. The absolute best red, that is actually red no matter who wears it, is L'Oreal British Redcoat.
LEAVES...I love the fall colours. It is my favourite season. The bright crisp colours make me much happier than green.
LONDON...my favourite city. I lived there for a couple of years, and visit whenever I can (which isn't often enough). I love the markets (Petticoat is my fave), the culture, the shops, history. It's just a great place.
LUMLEY...at the Bristol Renaissnace Faire I portray Jane Fitzalan, Baroness Lumley. She was an amazing woman during the 16th century who was fluent in 9 languages, wrote books that are still studied today, was a staunch Catholic in the Protestant country who stood strong for her faith, and was powerful despite being a woman.
LADY...I firmly believe there is a difference between being a woman and being a lady. (Likewise being a man or being a gentleman.) It takes effort to act with decorum, manners, and etiquette. I, unfortunately, believe most people in this world are not ladies.
LOVE...what can possibly be said about Love, other than it makes life worth living.


TLC said...

Well done, Kimba! I confess I may not be as much a lady as some. Teaching my son to burp the alphabet probably counts against me, right?

Thanks for playing.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

I love your answers. I love to take my kids to the Lego Store when in Chicago and I'm also drawn to the buckets of plain legos in rainbows of colors, rather than the kits.

And who doesn't love London. Although was that Bristol, Avon, England that you play Lumley??? If so, that's close to my old home in Devon.

Thanks for stopping by the Tudor Rose KAL blog and congrats on getting all qu's right.

Kimba said...

TLC...yeah, probably not the best thing to teach...but I'll forgive ya!

Knittinbrit...How very funny you should ask if I play Lumley in Bristol,England...it's actually Bristol, Wisconsin!!!

Carrie K said...

And she's a knittin Brit in Wisconsin. That's small world.

I like your L words! Lipstick & Lady especially. I did love lilacs, until I sat next to mine admiring them & they tried to kill me with allergies.

I came over from the Tudor Roses KAL to congratulate you on your perfect score also.

Fin said...

give me a letter!!!

Kimba said...

Yeah, someone wants to play! You're letter is P!!!!

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