26 June 2006

Sunday Comics

I feel like I should write about something today, though I don't really know what to write about. I suppose I should share with you the news at hubby went to the doctor today to address the issue of our state of infertility, and despite future tests, the doctor's advice? "Stop thinking about it & trying so hard, just have fun!" Ugh. Are you kidding me?

So yesterday we went to the Milwaukee Art Museum's current exhibit "Masters of American Comics". Like most people I enjoy my Sunday Morning comics most of all. I can appreciate not only the humour, but the talent that it is. That said, I hated the exhibit! It was interesting to note that there have been colour comics on the newspapers since at least 1906 (who knew?) but the exhibit, on a whole, left me feeling depressed and bitter. Why? Because it really focused the just how policial comics have always been, and being a timeline presentation I could see the downward spiral of society. The early comics focused alot on fantasy and imagination. By the 40s they were filled with Nazis and anger. The 50s had a reprise with the Peanuts and all the simplicity that is CharlieBrown. But by the mid 60s & 70s, comics were literally laden with drugs, sex & hatred of family. You don't even want to know about the ones representing the current day! I don't know, maybe my idea of "Masters" is different than those of the exhibit curators, but give me the beautiful simplicity of a family oriented comic any day.
(Ok, so I hate clowns! That's what makes ths comic so funny!)


angela said...

OK, Kimba, listen to me...I don't know how long you have been trying, but if it is more than a year, your doctor is not helping you.

That "have fun" line is a total crock. When I went to my gyn, she said stuff like that. I think it is because she didn't know what to do. My personal opinion is that if you are trying to get pregnant and can't that RUINS your sex life.

You need an infertilty specialist. I am hoping that this was not your final person to see...we didn't really get help until we went to the specialist.

OK, now back to praying and out of your business of how you get this thing done:-) That just makes me mad at him. Jerk. Don't give up.

Missi said...

Hi Kimba,

I also don't know your history with
trying to conceive. I agree with pp. If it has been more than a year, there are other doctors who can help. The "having fun" line can only last so long when you want to have a baby.

I do have 5 kids now, but I have suffered 4 miscarriages and I did my bouts with trying - taking temp and charting and whatnot. I have also known women who have used clomid and things like that.

I wish you all the luck!

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Kimba said...

Thanks guys...strangely I may have some interesting news in a few days regarding all this! I'll let ya know.

In the meantime, anyone know how I can delete that annoying post someone just left??