29 June 2006

The 13th Guest

13 People I'd Invite to Dinner (dead, obviously)
1. Andy Warhol…the king of Pop Art. I’d invite him because he’s be fascinated with everyone else at the dinner table.

2. Mary Queen of Scots…because she was a fascinating victim of circumstance and I’d love to ask her about things from her point of view.

3. William Shakespeare…because I want to know if he really did write all those sonnets & plays or if it really was someone else?

4. Jane Austen…because I’d be interested to hear her opinions about her modern fame. And she was a fan of Mary, QofS.

5. St. Joseph…I was going to say Jesus Christ, but would anyone else at the dinner table really be able to focus on anyone but Him? So I think it would be better to have His stepdad.

6. Lord Byron…because he’d shake things up a bit.

7. My friend Boyd…because I miss him and he’d have a blast.

8. Adolf Hitler…come on, who wouldn’t like to either find out what he was thinking or give him a piece of their mind?

9. Beau Brummell…he’d set the standard of fashion.

10. Jane Fitzalan, Baroness Lumley…because I want to know if I actually portray her accurately at RenFaire, and she was brilliant.

11. Wofgang Amadeus Mozart…he was a genius and a flirt.

12. Dorothy Parker…because someone has to add some humour to the group.

13. Some random person from the Elizabethan age…to get things from their perspective.

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Missi said...

Ok, i don't see any people, is that to mean you don't want anyone to dinner? lol

and I just read your post below- CONGRAT's! That is so great!! PP&T your way!!

dawn said...

Shakespeare would be interesting. I too would really like to know who he wass

Amanda Fernandes said...

I like your list... except I would not like Hitler.

Reverberate58 said...

Great dinner list. Make sure to video tape it so we can all see what went on! Sounds like lots of fun!
My T13 is up! Hope you are having a Terrific Thursday!

Missi said...

Great list! Thanks for visiting my TT.
I think Andy Warhol would top my list
with William Shakespear and St. Joseph

Carmen said...

I'd like to ask the Bard if he wrote all that hidden meaning in his plays that they made us look for in HS English class. :)

Great Day said...

I would want Hitler over just so I could ask him some serious questions and give him a psycho analasys

Bex said...

Great list! Really! Hitler would scare the beejesus out of me. And since my children are part Jewish on their dad's side...yeah..I don't think so! But yeah, I'd like to have a "talk" with him!

Naomi said...

Very interesting list although, like others have said, I"m not so sure about Hitler. ALthough it might be interesting!!

Kendra said...

What a great dinner that would be! Sure would be interesting! Hitler would be interesting for sure.

Michelle said...

Interesting list :)

angela said...

You always have such interesting thoughts...sometime I will put my list of people to have for dinner and you will see how one faceted I really am...good comment about Joseph...I had to laugh at that.:-)

Hope you are feeling good :-)


Lyn said...

Great list...I'd like to meet them all as well. And Lincoln. Maybe not Hitler. Don't think I'd be able to hold a rational conversation with him. lol