07 June 2006

Step Outside of the Circle

Today was kidlet's last day o'school, and I realized while she is moving on toward the teenage years, there is much of her that is, proudly, still a little girl. Her enthusiasm over yearbook signings (really the first year for that), awards ceremonies, and their fieldtrip to the zoo, all remind me that despite the frustration we share with one another these days, there is still an innocence in her eyes that I don't ever want to go away.

I look toward the future too with some hope as the doctor gave me an A-OK on the checkup, then promptly ordered blood tests and ultrasound tests, and tests for the hubby all with the proactive approach of "Let's make this happen"! So, hopefully a baby will be in the not so distant future, even if we need help.

But looking forward means I also have to recognize where I've come from. In 6 years I've come from unexpectedly divorced and practically destitute (I'll never be able to thank the Gilbert and Rife clans for their generousity & kindness) to happily married in a nice house, working a job I'm really liking, and feeling peace. But I've come from even more.
Kassi shared a brilliant bit of writing recently that inspired me to creatively recognize my past. You write your own c/o this template.

I am from a snapping turtle filled lake so private motorboats were not allowed. I am from miles of biking trails through Autumn's splendor. I am from demembered Barbies tossed gleefully into the water to dive for. I am from baklava, Baskin-Robbins, and 5-star restaurants.

I am from the Better Homes & Garden's photo feature spotlessly tidy and invitingly warm. I am from the white 4-poster bed with Holly Hobbie sheets and antique ballerinas on the wall. I am from rooms too pristine to be allowed to walk into.

I am from the tall trees, seaweed, ferns and slash of Geranium red.

I am from Sunday brunch buffets and talking to strangers, from Raymond's confidence, Barbara's kindess and cattiness, and NanaDoll, whom I never knew but from whom I share a passion for stylish hats & gloves.

I am from forgotten birthdays and friendly teasing.

From being the "Chosen Baby" and more like my parents than their biological children.

I am from traditional but loving Catholic faith with priests who were family friends and taught it was alright to question.

I'm from Flint not knowing my personal ethnicity so feeling free to embrace them all; from kibbe and mom's stuffing and saurkraut.

I am from dad lying about his age to join the Navy in WWII to sail to all the countries the Pacific touches. From mom taking 2 Chicago trains & buses daily to be a professional figure skater at the age of 13, and a great-grandfather who was rich in the 1930s and helped to "take down" Al Capone, who had a rival Speakeasy.

I am from albums without descriptions needing to be organized and have their story told.

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