06 July 2007

Is that a Real Baby?

I realize that sometimes people are...er...well...just plain stupid. And for some reason when they see a pregnant lady, or a new mom, they just seem to open their mouths and let the stupidity fall out. Anyone who has a child has witnessed it...and wanted to scream. Instead we smile politely, answer their ridiculous question, and move on. So today Parent Bloggers is asking for those stupid questions. (You too can join in the fun, and maybe win an iPod)

I had to think about it, because there are just so many..."How many babies are in there?", "Your breasts are already so big, are they going keep growing?" and "Oh he's beautiful, he must look just like his father" (gee, thanks for telling me I'm ugly as sin!) But I realized that possibly the A#1 stupidest question I've heard yet (and yes, believe it or not I've had it asked several times now!) is "Is that a REAL baby?"

Are you kidding me? At the Civil War reenactment I had it happen at least a dozen times. At the 4th of July parade (in our Elizabethan costumes) I had it happen at least 4 times. But the worst is that I've actually gotten it while in "normal" clothing at Target. So what do I say? Usually I'm polite and smile and say "Well, of course", but on occasion I have been particularly snarky about it and replied "No, he's a puppet" or at the reenactment "No, they didn't have babies during the Civil War". (Yes, they did say "Really?!" and thus, again I say, people are stupid.)

"Don't you wish you could have just handed them this?"


Annie said...

What nutjobs can't tell a real baby from a doll - I presume they thought that's what it was?

You're right - they're stupid lol!

I found you through the Blog Blast!

mama k said...

wow. that takes the cake. how stupid!

I'm loving this blogblast. I wrote about the sleeping through the night thing at www.mamaknj.blogspot.com

Stacey said...

How can there be so much stupidity amongst intelligent beings?

I just stand and shake my head...


Susan said...

I had a doll when I was little that looked like a "real baby". I can understand this IF the baby is sleeping AND you have a little one with you who "looks" like they might carry a real doll. If you are traveling with all the baby paraphanalia...NOPE>

:-) Susan

Daisy said...

I like your responses! I'd be tempted to say, "No, it's a watermelon. I'm keeping it cool." Huh? Well, it makes as much sense as the question!

Karianna said...

Wow. Just wow!

I got the breast-question, too, usually post-partum: "Aren't they supposed to shrink?" Um. Nope, I am one of the unfortunate ones whose chest continues to grow and grow and grow.

Dawn said...

yup, that's a special kind of stupid lol

congrats on the win!

Dapoppins said...

Is that a REAL baby? Oh my, your right! That is a stupid question. You won the contest! That is so very cool!