05 July 2007

the 5th

Don't you hate when holidays fall midweek? We still have several days of work afterwards, and that's always a little let down. The 4th was pleasant. Friends came to visit, we BBQed, and then we went to see the fireworks on Lake Michigan, which is just always a good time. I love fireworks. No, I REALLY love fireworks. There is just something about them that always makes me feel like a kid inside. Last night's fireworks were especcially fun because I was able to watch my son seeing fireworks for the very first time ever. He was just wide-eyed with awe & wonder. Every now and again he'd look up at me or over at his Papa as if he was saying "Did you see that? Are you watching this? It's amazing!" It was a joy for us to see that wonder in his eyes, and wish we could always see the world that way.

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Dapoppins said...

I love big fireworks. I dislike neighborhood fireworks. Really, really, really dislike them. Hate them.