07 July 2007

Let's Play History

I recently came across a website that think has the potential to turn into something great. Have you ever wanted to know where to buy a Victorian bonnet? How about wanting to learn to forge your own armour? Want to attend a reenactment of a Roman battle? These are the sort of things you'd be able to find or learn about at Let's Play History. But the site needs to be built up. Artists need to advertise. Groups need to promote themselves. So if you love history, know people who do, or have knowledge that needs to be shared, I strongly encourage you to poke around the site, sign up, make a small (or large!) donation. Maybe you can offer your services? Or maybe you just want to know more. This website could prove a great resource.

No, I don't have any affiliation with this group/website. I simply see the potential it has. Please help it flourish & help keep history alive!

1 comment:

Dapoppins said...

I love, adore, admire, history. Will check out this site! Hey, thanks for stoppin by my little corner of the world again and leaving your imput.