03 July 2007


To anyone who knows me, I am far from being a patriot. That doesn't mean I don't support the basic liberties this country is known for. I am a firm advocate of free speech & adhere to the "if you don't like it, turn the channel" philosophy. I believe people can & should speak out on injustices in the country & government. I believe in freedom of religion, and with that allowing debate & discussion (not terrorism). Basically, I believe that in a "land of the free", we should, in fact, be free. I also believe that in a country that declares itself a democracy, we should actually be a democracy.

However, I do think that many of our rights are being stripped from us. I believe that the seperation of Church & State is being destroyed. I believe that Capitalism is taking over in all aspects of living in the USA. I believe that the most basic needs of people, and especcially children, are being compromised. And because of these things, I belive that this Independence Day we need to reclaim that independence as the citizens of the USA. We need to stop being silent & complacent about the issues -- whatever they are -- that bother us and let our government know! Thousands of young men & women have died --and continue to die--in Iraq, and our President still refuses to hear the voices of the US public, crying out.

I urge everyone to please take advantage of this 4th of July to do more than have burgers on the grill. Write a letter. Give a speech. Educate a young person. And contact our "so-called" leaders & let them know what you want to change in this country. Here's a good place to start.

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