10 July 2007

Dumbledore's Army

Allow me to briefly state just how freakin' excited I am that Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix opens tonight at midnight! I can't wait to see it! (No, I'm not going to the midnight show, but I will go on Thursday night hopefully.) And then next week the 7th (and sadly, final) book will be out! I have oh-so-much speculation about it, and who will die. How 'bout you, are you excited about Harry Potter month?

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Fin said...

Oh yes, but only in my very slow motion, wait for the movies, kind of way.
I'm saving the books for when Foo and I can read them together (this does not stop her father from reading them). So every movie is a total surprise for me. It's kind of nice, but I think it rather challenges my hubby in that he can't talk with me about stuff... for a year or so...
You'll have to give a review of the movie (chances are I won't see it till it's out on video).