14 July 2007

A glass of wine, a good movie & You

One of my favourite distractions is bopping around Netflix, checking out films I might never had known about, rating those I have seen, and seeing what recommendations they come up for me. (Trust me, some really make me chuckle.) It is rare that I go to the cinema, I just can't often justify the rising cost for the quality of the movies. Harry Potter cost us $20 the other night, plus another $9 for the smallest popcorn & one medium drink. So for me to spend that it has to be a film I REALLY want to see on the big screen (in this case, the MegaScreen). Otherwise I'll just wait until the film is out on DVD, snuggle up at home & watch it. I was never any good at returning a movie to the rental shop on time. I've probably spent far more money in late fees than going to the cinema would have cost me. And thus, the glory that is Netflix.

Now that I officially sound like the spokesperson for Netflix, I'll invite you to join my "Friends" list. I'm always looking for something new to watch.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I am totally with you on the cost of going to the movies--We have netflix too and I actually like watching movies at home better!