06 November 2007

Eliminated or still in the game?

I feel a mixed bag of emotions right now. Part of me is proud. I felt like a Top Chef contestant last night as I prepared an entire dinner that I'd never made before. Roast duckling with 'ala Orange sauce, a duck reduction gravy, potatoes and a cranberry-orange salad. It was lovely, if I do say so.

However, I feel entirely unappreciated, respected or supported. I never get help anymore with the baby, and thus I'm tired ALL.THE.TIME. I'm working 2 parttime jobs, plus a full time mama job. And still everyone seems to think I'm not doing enough. I just feel like "why do I have to keep proving myself?"


Kimmer said...

I appreciate you!

And much like Playtex, I support you in all of your endeavors! (However, far less 'hands on' with respect to your boobies.)

You should feel proud of yourself and I'll tell you why. You were a SAHM with Pookie and now you're not only working one job, but TWO outside jobs while raising a teen and a baby. AND YOU HAVE THE ENERGY AND GUMPTION TO COOK A GOURMET MEAL!!

If I were you, I'd make PB & J's the rest of the week for dinner.

Maybe then the older two will show a little more respect.

Wait............the (moody, Aries) male will just congratulate you on how financially savvy you are for not overspending on dinner foods.

Let me think about this a bit.....

Kassi said...

I would make PB&J for the older two and treat YOURSELF to the gourmet. "Oh...it smells GOOD does it? Well, make your own!" :)