28 November 2007

The In-between

Here we are in the in-between, that lull time between Thanksgiving & Christmas/Hannukah/Ramadan/Solstace/Kwanzaa...that time that is either filled with stress, anticipation, or both. 'Tis the Season....

Personally, I have a decent start to my gift shopping, with most of them already wrapped as well. Hopefully this week's payday will help me get a further dent in what is yet to be purchased. Since kidlet's birthday is 3 days before Christmas, that is always the extra pressure of finding the "right" gifts.

Baby Boy has been sick all week...runny nose, drool because of 2 more teeth coming in, and eye AND ear infections to boot. Yeah, he has not been a happy boy. Actually, I can't say that. Despite being obviously unwell, he remains pretty happy & playful & just a bit cuddlier more than usual. He just hates when mama wipes his runny nose.

Hubby has been busy...haven't spent much time together at all. We did get to watch 2 episodes of the 3rd season of Dr. Who last night though, which was nice...and hilarious. I've done nothing but work. I had Thanksgiving day off, but otherwise, it's been work, work, work both at home and at the paid jobs. Blah. And now I've been informed I probably won't be given any days off during the christmas holidays. Grr.

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