13 November 2007

2 years

Yesterday was Paul & my 2 year wedding anniversary.

We celebrated in a sort of round about way.

Saturday we went to Abby & Aaron's wedding. This was lovely, and since they actually met at OUR wedding, it was particularly special.

Sunday we went to the Festival of Trees here in town, which was nice, and then out to dinner at Little Europe (mmm...Saurbraten & spaetzel & dumplings).

The actual day of our anniversary I made Shrimp Scampi Newport & we watched the final 2 episodes of Doctor Who (season 2). Yeah...not romantic. Not exciting. I'm a little sad about that, but at least we were together & that's what counts.

I still love him.

1 comment:

Kimmer said...

Happy Anniversary!!

You two wild and crazy kids!

Ahhhh.... it seems like just yesterday we loaded your stuff into a U-Haul and you started over in Wisconsin!

Here it is, you've fallen in love, married, and celebrated 2 years together...

My how time flies!! (Not that you'd know it to look atcha -- bathing in the blood of virgins and all...)

Here's to twenty times two more wonderful years together!