07 November 2007

Riddle Me This, Batman...

Ok, so I have a few questions I'd REALLY like answered:

1. What happened to Thanksgiving? I mean, I realize that the holiday serves little purpose other than to gorge oneself on turkey & then let me "menfolk" lie around and watch football for hours on end, but it IS supposedly this big family holiday in American, people. So how come the moment the kids came in from trick-or-treating did I instantly start hearing carols on the radio (24-7, I might add...on 2 different stations) and the mad rush for Christmas began?
2. Someone please explain to me why so many "Christians" call themselves only that, as if it's a badge of honour only they get to wear? Yes, you're Christian, but what are you? Presbyterian? Catholic? Baptist? Lutheran? WHAT? Choose already! I've heard many people say "No, I'm Christian!" Uh...yeah. Let's break that down, shall we? By virtue of the word it means you aren't Jewish or Pagan. You believe in Jesus Christ. So do all of those other religions I just mentioned. So which one are you, already? (And don't even get me started on the pagans who use that word in exactly the same way! ugh...why must I know more about your so-called religious beliefs than you do?)
3. And why do these sort of Christians not allow their children to celebrate Halloween or Santa Claus traditions with the rest of the world? Do they really think that dressing up like a frog for candy or getting a stocking full of toys is really going to lead to their damnation?

4. Why aren't there any Hannukah carols?
5. And since so many people will be getting them as gifts (mostly to themselves) this holiday season, does anyone REALLY need a giant, larger than your couch television?


Kimmer said...

My favorite irony is that all of these fundamentalist, right-wing, "Christians" go out of their way to celebrate the birth of Christ which just so happens to be on the Roman feastday of Saturnalia.

Why is this?

Because in the days of the early church, EVERYONE went out of their way to celebrate the biggest festival on the old Roman calendar in the raunchiest, bawdiest way possible. The early church 'fathers' couldn't stop their congregations from joining in on the party, so they decided that they'd move Jesus' birthday to then. Kind of the "If you can't beat em, join em" kind of mentality.

Um... "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel" THAT'S a Hannukah song, although I consider Adam Sandler's "Hannukah Song" to be the unofficial theme song of the Holiday (8 crazy nights!!).

It's not that people NEED larger than sofa sized televisions, but with the industry switching from analog to digital signals for television reception, there's a bunch of us who are now in the market for a new TV so that we can receive the signal. (No digital receiver, no tele.)

Those are my thoughts. Scattered as they are...

Kassi said...

Caleb apparently needed a huge, larger than our couch television for Christmas this year. I know because it is sitting in our living room. Now he is mad that we won't be buying MORE for Christmas...you know...the celebration of our savior's birth.
Apparently baby Jesus needs to watch "300" in larger than life detail.

Kassi said...

And what Kim said..because the old TV will soon be obsolete.

Kimmer said...

Alas, we must also replace our circa 1989 RCA 19" television.

Part of me is excited that we may just end up with something that will allow us to easily read subtitles without having to hit "pause", or designate someone to get close enough to the screen to read them for the rest of everyone in the room.

The other part of me wants to know which oriface I'll be reaching into to pull out the $$ to pay for said new TV.

I KNOW that we can get the converter box, but I'd like to re-watch "Das Boot" sometime and do so without a headache...

Kimba said...

Yeah, our TV that I purchased sometime back around 1993 I think is reaching it's last legs as well. I don't WANT a giant TV! I just want something that fits in the corner, is large enough to watch a movie on, and won't go all fuzzy! *sigh* Damn "the man" for forcing change on me.