30 November 2007

Because the Candy Man Can

I just finished reading a poinently truthful & delightfully funny book by actor Gene Wilder. His autobiography tells the tale of someone truly grateful for everything that he's been given in life, including life itself.

Born & raised in Milwaukee, he has a natural talent that lead him to the opportunities to study with some of the most amazing people, and perform with some greats, as well. His personal life was bumpy but he was always in pursuit of joy & love, something I think most of us can relate to.

I don't write review here very often for the endless books I read, but this one touched me in the fact that he laid himself out in such a way that could open the door to criticism and instead you get a real understanding of who he is as a man, an actor, a writer, and a husband who isn't always successful, but certainly always strives to do what's best. I recommend this read to anyone who enjoys his work. He really IS Willy Wonka...a sweet, somewhat manic man who what's goodness & love.

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