30 November 2007

Ranting & Raging

Ok, so I wrote my pleasant little post about Gene Wilder, thinking it would calm me down from the stressful week, but here I am, back a few hours later because I cannot control my rage.


I'll spare you the sordid details, but let's just say, don't believe anything you're told, don't think that just because they've always done something one way, they will continue to do so, and most of all, when they say "it's all taken care of" run in fear because it's NEVER true. OH, and just because something is THEIR mistake, don't expect them to own up to it or fix it...instead they'll just keep charging you fees while THEY figure out their computer problems.

My other rant of the day is money related in that I just want what I ordered, is that so much to ask? Freakin' fast food, it isn't difficult, you didn't slave over rare & expensive ingredients to make me meat on a bun, so why can't you ever seem to get it right? McDonald's boasts it helps its employees go to school, could you start already by teaching them how to put the correct salad or burger in a bag, with fries, and more than ONE sauce packet? And when I order a beef & cheddar, I want more than the essence of cheese on it ok? Likewise when I order something without an ingredient, could you please make sure I get it that way?

Why, oh why are we continually at the mercy of idiots? I'll blame the government, perhaps they are only following their leader. ugh.

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Kassi said...

"essence of cheese" is that like a cheese fart? Because that is IMMEDIATELY what I thought of when I read this...yes, I have been with Caleb for 5 years, and it has COMPLETELY rubbed off.