02 October 2007

Feeling better now. I don't know what it was, but now I'm fine. Well, tired...but fine. I feel like my days all sort of blend into one. I'm always busy, but with nothing really worth mentioning. Its a continually spinning wheel with random flashes of interesting things passing by. The routine that becomes life...and you find yourself just sort of wondering where time went.
Oh well. Life isn't bad...it's just rather...routine.

Kidlet started her theatre program. I'm glad she'll have a chance to make friends with similar interests. The kids at her school just don't "get" her, her interests, or her experiences. I'm hoping this will be good for her on many levels.

The baby is crawling! He's so funny! It's really more of an army crawl than an up on his hands & knees crawl, but it doesn't slow him down. He's sooo proud of himself! And he has a tooth! (my little Jack-o-lantern) Again, time just flying by.

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