19 October 2007

Where am I?

I'm in...a place.

I just got back from a wonderful trip. My whole family is healthy & relatively happy. My Halloween party is next weekend. I should be over the moon happy. And yet...there is a funk.

I think part of it is simply stress. Too much to do in too little (or non-existant) time. Costumes to make, food to buy, decorations to make & put up...and now I'm starting a second part-time job. I think I'll like it well enough, but now my evening will be gone. We need the money, so I'm doing my part for my family, but time away from them...and yes, even time away just for me...is tearing me up inside. This week I had 1 1/2 days with my son. I had 2 evenings with my daughter. The husband...forget it. We haven't spent 10 minutes together since we got back from Mackinac.

Kim & I are attempting to plan a "How the Hell Did This Happen?" Girls Getaway weekend for the impending & looming like a vulture over our facing 40 carcasses. We want fun, pretty sites, self-indulgence Spa experiences, cocktails, who generally silliness. Any suggestions of where we can go that won't cost a fortune & is within 10 hours drive time of the midwest?

So, like a rolling fog off the moors...the funk has set in.

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Dapoppins said...

Well, I hope a good costume party pushes back the funk! Thank you for your comments on the movie...I knew there was stuff that wasn't fitting with what I knew of history, but no one seemed to care! I am glad you care too!