10 October 2007

Island O'Guilt

Between being raised Catholic, growing up in a Jewish community, and being a mom, I have my own overload of guilt all the time. This week is no exception.

Hubby & I are heading out for a weekend away, leaving the kids with friends & grandparents. Sure, they'll have a great time probably (hopefully) but I still feel guilty.

On the upside, we're joining some dear friends at Mackinac Island! In 48 hours I'll be eating fudge, horseback riding, and probably freezing my booty off (but that's ok, I have plenty of booty to spare). I can't wait! I knew there are a few people who occasionally read my words here, and if you've never heard of Mackinac Island, let me tell you a little about it.

It's located in that little spot between Michigan's upper and lower peninsulas, and is only accessible by ferry boat. The island has been maintained as it was during the Victorian age, meaning NO cars of any type. Only horse drawn carriage & bicycles. It's simply lovely, and famous for it's fudge. (yum!) All the fall leaves are peaking with their colours up there right now too. We'll be stopping on our drive there at a winery I found & some of the falls in the U.P.

I hope it's fun!

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