04 October 2007

Off Target Randomness

Surely I am not the only mom on the planet who has this happen to them. You go to the store, you spend a stupid amount of time picking out groceries, all the while dealing with idiots who can't seem to drive a shopping cart let alone a car (or usually an SUV), spending ridiculous amounts of cash, only to find a day or two later when you go to get something out of the 'fridge or cupboard that YOU really want to take for lunch, that someone else...everyone else...had already taken it/eaten it! I did all the work! I WANT my treat, dang it! The sacrifice of a mother & wife is endless.

Am I the only person on the planet who simply LOATHES that damn "Big Girls Don't Cry" song by Fergie? "...I miss you like a child misses its blanket..." what the hell kind of lyrics are those?And why does she get to call herself Fergie? She should at least have to be be Fergie Take 2 or something. And "Her Eyes" by Pat Monahan from Train...what a crapass song that is! And what's with Hinder's song about longing for some other chick when his girlfriend/wife is in the next room. Ass, I tell ya, ass.

Someone needs to do something about this president of ours. NOW. Vetoing child health care. And still no funding to education. Idiot needs to go bye-bye. Please.

I warned you this would be random.


Kassi said...

Yes - I HATE it when someone eats up all the snack/fruit/whatever before I even had a chance to take one bite. pisses me off.

Fergie's song makes me want to puke, I had it stuck in my head for the entirety of 2 days. Hinder's song...don't get me started. I hate it. There are too many crap ass songs on the radio.

Veteoing child care, not his brightest moment...not that there have been many bright moments in is illustrious reign. Me=Republican, Me=tired of this damn soul sucking war.

Random yes, but I follow.

Kimmer said...

But the REAL music question out there is this: Why are Maroon 5 being played on the 'alternative' radio stations? They're a friggin' boy band! Shouldn't they be banished from ALL playlists based on the Boy Band Moratorium of 2001??

As to the food thing--
I've found that treating myself with all-organic, vegan products assures me that no one else will touch them.
Mom Hint: OK, so either eat the Organic Earth Mother food or not, but save the box and put your REAL treat in the empty box. I guaran-damn-tee you it'll be ready for you when you want it!!

Can we just vote now and get it over with? I mean, does our nation really have to be circling the toilet bowl before we can get the new guy (or gal) in??