23 October 2007

This time it IS all about YOU

To everyone reading this to whom this post is not intended, sorry.
To the person for whom this post IS intended I have just a few things I need to say, and since this is my journal, I get to vent.

There are two sides to a story...yours AND mine. If you can't be bothered to listen to mine, then don't make it up in your head.
Guess what? Sometimes things happen...cell phones die...people have emergencies come up...crap happens.
Guess what? If you'd taken a moment you'd still have been able to salvage the plans, but you blow up too quickly.
Guess what? Be angry, that's fine! But do you really have to hold a grudge against everyone?

Venting done...with no names named. It is what it is. I said I was sorry.

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