05 October 2007

Is there a TOO far?

How far is too far when it comes to your kids? Is there a jumping off point in making sure your kids are safe? How about when it comes to educating them? I think those are simple answers, in that most parents would do most anything self-sacificing to further their children's intellect and safety. But what about their wants & needs? Is there a too far then? Parent Bloggers has proposed the question...what are your thoughts?

I have to say I am not the sort of parent who will sacrifice anything for my kids wants. Toys, clothing trends, video games, those things come & go. I made a rule when my daughter was born that I would never purchase a video game system for her. If someone gave her one, I wouldn't return it, but I would never buy one for her. Why? Because I'm the meanest mom on the planet! No, not really. It's because I truly believe that kids are losing their sense of imagination & attention spans because of computer & video games. Sure they are good with eye-hand coordination, but kids can't sit still for 10 minutes nor can they just run around outside using their imagination...all because most parents allow their kids to do nothing but play those things. (That said, my daughter does have 2 Gameboys and a Gamecube...all given to her by someone else.) And fashion trends, forget it! I refuse to spend $80 on a pair of shoes that will be outgrown in 6 months. A good knock off will serve the same purpose IF absolutely necessary. I try to encourage my daughter to have her own style instead. (And believe me, she does!)

But how far am I willing to go for my kids' needs? I don't know that I have a limit there. I've had some bad times, have gone without food for a day or two, have slept on couches and in my car (only once), have worn the same clothes for years...but my children have never had to suffer those same fates. I made sure the kidlet never knew the dire straits we were in, always had food, good clothes, toys, and love. LOTS of love.

There is no question to me that needs are limitless. Wants are arbitrary.
How far would you go for your kids?

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