30 September 2007


Today was a nice day, bright & sunny & warm. We went to the Harvest Fest, which wasn't nearly as good as it was last year, but we did buy some pumpkins & gourds & peppers & leeks. We walked around, and just spent time together. Then we had dinner with Rick & Brian, and it was good.

And yet I'm feeling blue. I can't find the words or the reasons, it just is. It's a state of sadness. A state of missing my mom. A state of feeling for those people who have lost someone special to them. A state of uneasy restlessness inside my heart. I don't know what's causing it...but that's where I am right now. Hopefully it'll be gone by morning.


Fin said...

I felt it too - - spent some time crying for no apparent reason. I'm not sure it did me any good, but it's not like I could have helped it.

the leeks sound goo - - are they planned for a nice soup?

Gracie said...

I hope the feeling has passed. I went through that last week. So I do hope your feelings move away from being blue.