29 September 2007


Today I'm feeling particularly inspired by the beginning of autumn.
I can't imagine living someplace that doesn't have that significant change in seasons, and particularly the joy that is the fall. I'm not a nature girl by any stretch of the imagination, and could never live much outside of a city, but every fall I can't help but yearn to be outside. The crispness of the air, the cool breezes, the lushness of color...it inspires me to bake, to paint, to explore. It is the only time of the year you will ever find me wanting to go hiking. (Of course the lack of mosquitos helps!) I want to draw & paint & photograph today (and sadly can't because I'm stuck at work...a museum that is offering TWO nature landscape drawing classes today, ironically).

I'm anxiously anticipating hubby & my upcoming trip to Mackinac Island with our friends in two weeks. The fall colors should be almost peaking up there then, and I can promise you I will be posting a plethora of photos afterwards.


Gracie said...

Hey there. I was one of your partners for the swap-bot swap. I love your blog. All your blogs. Your writing is fantastic, full of wit. It's interesting and I really enjoyed it.

Gracie aka Aezelle


Chiasmata said...

Hi Kimba,

Another swapbot partner here. Sounds like autumn has really inspired you. :) Here in Sydney there's not a whole lot of seasonal variation - the only different between winter and summer is if you leave the house with a jacket or a hat! I hope you get some time to be creative.

Shawnee said...

Make it a third swapbot partner here, Kimba.

I really love that image you've posted. Your upcoming trip sounds just lovely, and I look forward to seeing some snapshots!

Kassi said...

The colors will be in full regalia on Mackinac by then. I can't wait!