20 September 2007

Be Sparkly!

Some of you may remember when I wrote about Hannah a month or more ago with this link. Well, I have devotedly read Hannah's mother's blog ever since. I've read as she has moved through the pain of losing her lovely 5 year old in this tragic accident. I have been inspired by her celebration of her daughter's short little life, and her younger daughter, Lily's, delightfullness, as well.
Tomorrow would have been Hannah's sixth birthday. Her mother is asking everyone to join them in celebrating her vibrant, sparkly nature by dressing bright & fun tomorrow. Wear the sparkliest earrings, necklace, shirt, shoes or scarf you have. Heck, wear a feather boa! This dear child, as well as all of our children, need to be celebrated for the beauty & innocence and joy they bring to this world. They touch the lives of so many more than they will ever know because of their sparkly nature.
You can read more about Hannah & her family here.
I hope you'll join me in celebrating her life & the lives of our children, as well.

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