26 September 2007

The Call of the Footlights, the Roar of the Crowd

Kidlet auditioned for the Racine Theatre Guild last week. They have a special program for teens...it's an extensive theatre training program that cumulates with performances in the spring at various schools. It is highly competitive to get into, apparently, and we were warned that unless you've been around the theatre it is tough to get into.

Well, wouldn't you know it...she got in!

Yes, I'm very proud! So despite not getting the art and drama classes she wanted this year in school, she is now in a great drama program & is also taking some art classes at the museum where I work. (Animation & pottery, I think, for the fall session.) So for now she has ambitions of being the next Idina Menzel...and that's awesome!


Anonymous said...

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Fin said...

Way to go Kitten.
That's great news
she must be so pleased...
and you, so proud.