28 September 2007


I realize that I have these wierd quirks and OC randomness. I tend to get excited about something and then become almost wierdly obsessive about it. Sometimes its been Colin Firth, where I've had to rent every movie of his. Another time it was Disney. Right now I find I'm obsessing about:
Doctor Who (David Tennant in particular)

Swap-bot (it really IS addictive)

and Mackinac Island Do you have anything you just can't help but feeling "obsessed" about?


Kassi said...

obsessing...no I don't have that problem. Becoming taciturn is more my speed...

BUT I have to agree with you about Mackinac Island...
and Swap Bot.

Fin said...

swap-bot (in particular sending stuff)(though I was a little on the line sending out my last swap - it was just SO hard getting the sewing machine set up)

and (apparently) parenthetical remarks