01 June 2007

You Know You Need a Date with Your Husband when the Closest You've Come to Being Intimate is Folding His Underwear

Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I don't mind folding laundry. I'd rather do that than several other household chores, but honestly I have barely had time alone with my husband (despite our recent getaway).

Our relationship has always been an "interesting" one. We were friends with no intention of anything more. One day we kissed. We were still friends. One day we made out. We were still JUST friends. One day we...well...we were still JUST friends. No matter how much we tried to deny it, no matter how much we (or perhaps HE) said we weren't dating, we were falling in love. And even after love had been declared, we still were never boyfriend & girlfriend...or dating. But the bubble was there. That crazy bubble that would engulf us whenever we were together, making the rest of the world fall away and only the two of us, together, existed.

But 3 months ago a little bundle we named Sebastian entered our world. Where Kaitlyn could open the door of our bubble to come & go, this little guy has just made it go away. I don't hold it against him, but the reality of it is that the hubby & I haven't been able to get inside that bubble and have that oh-so-important "us" time & space. I need some time for a little romance. A little intimacy. Hell, some weak in the knees kissing & perhaps a little make your head spin sex wouldn't be bad either. So, I wait, rather impatiently for the day when there is no laundry to do, no bottles to clean or diapers to change, and we can find that "bubble" again.

It may take another 10 years.

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ordinarygirl said...

Hey, I hope you win! Sounds like you could use a night out, or maybe Sebastian needs an overnight stay with someone you trust. :)

Kassi said...

Its funny that you say you and P weren't "boyfriend and girlfriend". Caleb and I weren't either. I was his love and he was...my Caleb.

mama k said...

I remember the bubble! Sweet post!

Found you via the blast. My entry is here http://mamaknj.blogspot.com/2007/06/you-know-you-need-date.html

Misty said...

I would say leave Sebastian with someone you trust for a "slumber party" (hehe~he'll be the one slumbering, maybe, and everyone else can remember what it was like to pull an all-nighter with a baby....). Kick the kidlet out of the house for the night, too, and let all friends & family know that unless it's a dire emergency to leave you in peace. Get 2 bottles of wine, some chocolate sauce, and other things "romantic". Get rip roarin drunk, and have some fun, if you know what I mean. Take 2 aspirin & tons of water before you expire from your exhausting session, and hit the hay. You may be tired the next day, but you're tired every day, right? At least you'll be tired and blissfully happy that you guys still do have it in you!

Dapoppins said...

Good lord, dont wait ten years!