18 June 2007

Father's Day

I hope everyone enjoyed their father's day. I hope you gave your father a call. A hug. A card. A gift. I hope you told your husband what a great dad he is. And I hope he is. Our was spent with the in-laws (which was fine, if unexpectedly long). It was nice to get a 4 generation photo of the guys. Kidlet is off to visit her father for the summer. And me, I tried hard to not think about my dad.

Then I realized I shouldn't avoid thinking about him. He was a great man. He set the standard when it came to romancing my mother, and thus my expectations are high. He was brilliantly smart & loved to learn about the world, and expected the same from me. I expect the same from my children now. And he was a wonderful dad. He was sometimes demanding, but was always kind & loving. I never doubted I was loved.

But I miss him. Alot.


Kimmer said...

I miss Dad, too!!

I could go out and be as wild as I wanted -my dad kind of expected it. His words of wisdon were, "Just don't get caught".

Upon meeting your dad (my Second Dad) just as I was about to misbehave I'd hear Ray saying, "I don't think that's such a good idea, kiddo."

Naturally I'd have to stop.

Damn him for giving my conscience a voice!!

Love Ya!!

Mrs. M said...

i miss my dad too.

Dapoppins said...

He sounds like a great Dad. I am sorry that he isn't here with you now.