07 June 2007

Happy Birthday!

No, not mine, but my best friend, Kim. Her family is off doing other things today, so I wanted to send her birthday greetings out into the blogosphere so the world could wish her happiness!

She truly is the best sort of friend. The kind who is there for you when you are down & can give her sound advice, and then kick your butt to get moving. We've been friends since freshman year of college & have no clue of how we met. We have endless tales that could blackmail or embarrass the other...if we weren't so honest about them, that is! We still giggle over the boys in The Band, though we love our husbands to death. In one another's eyes we haven't aged, nor will be ever, I suspect. Our children are cool because of us and they'll tell you so. Life is definately better for having her in it. We share the same name. (Which is particularly wierd when people ask if we're sisters...yeah, right, like our parents could only come up with one name?) But she is like a sister to me. And for that I'm blessed.

Happy Birthday KIM! (Stop by her blog & wish her a happy birthday too, ok?)

1 comment:

Kimmer said...

Awww shucks! You say the purtiest things!!

Thanks for your 'shout out'. I truly appreciate it!

...and as to the sisters thing, I agree 100%!!!