08 June 2007

Where does my time go?
The school year is wrapping up, and in just a week the kidlet will be boarding a train to visit her father out of state for the summer. She'll have her cell phone, her iPod, her GameBoy, a plethora of books, sketchbook and digital camera with her to occupy her time. I'll kiss her farewell for a few months, and hope that she & the baby don't have too difficult a time rebonding once she's back. And then I'll sit back and wonder, as I am now, when did she get so grown up?

As I was sitting up rocking the baby at 2am, I drifted back to when she was so small. It seems only a day ago that she was smiling up at me while I sang to her "the wheels on the bus" and put her "toes up your nose" silliness. Only a few hours ago her father was wrapping the towel around her after her baths, her squeels echoing through the house as I'd chase her around pretending to eat my "baby burrito". Or refusing to go to bed until she'd performed "the wiggle butt" song & dance. Only minutes ago she was the little girl with long, long hairs who asked to have it all cut off to donate to sick kids who needed it. And only a few seconds have passed since she was my buddy, brave at my side as her parents divorced and we moved to a new state.

And now I no longer look upon a little girl, but a budding young lady. Full of curves, her own insecurities & triumphs, and a smattering of innocence perched upon adolescence and adulthood. There are moments I wish she too were still as small & blissfully content as my 3-month-old son. But I'm glad she is ready for the future, for whatever adventures await. She is still my "bunny" and, for now, still likes to be with mom. I can only imagine what time will have in store for us next.

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