26 June 2007

I Want to Blogher

Ok, so to the greater blogosohere this little space is really rather irrelevant, BUT I've decided that I REALLY want to go to BLOGHER 2007. It's a conference of (mostly) female bloggers. It's a chance to meet, talk, kvetsch, share, brainstorm, and drink cocktails. And this year it is an hour & a half from my home...and I want to go, dammit! Problem #1..work. Problem #2...cash. Anyone care to make a donation? Give me your vote, should I go or not?? And tell me if you're going!!
**UPDATE!** I'm NOT going. I can't justify the finances when it would mean taking days off work. And I would really would like to go visit my friends!


ordinarygirl said...

I think you should go.

...unless #1 and #2 become more hassle than going is worth. ;)

Christina K. said...

Hmmmm...hard to say.
I'd be awfully tempted to go. Last year I read all about the different events they were having and it seemed fascinating!

Kimmer said...

I say that you should save your money and come out to visit me.

I'll make us some drinks and we can hang out and kvetch to your heart's delight!!