09 June 2007

Tourist Cheese

Tomorrow hubby, kidlet, her friend Rudy & I are off to spend a couple of days at the Wisconsin Dells. Its a total cheesy tourist town with the world's largest water parks, Ripley's museum & like attractions, putt-putt, go-carts and kitsch galore. And I'm totally excited about it! I won a package from one of the local radio stations *WKTI* so we get to do all sorts of attractions for FREE! (There's no way I'd actually pay money for these things, but free makes them completely fun!) We're even staying at a hotel with a Candyland theme waterpark! I can't wait to have endless photos of the tackiness! I only wish I could share the silliness with some friends too. But this is going to be a great chance to spend uninterrupted time with the kidlet before she's gone for the summer. And baby gets grandparent time. Not to mention goofy time with the hubby, something we haven't done in a VERY long time. My expectations? No stress! Nothing but laughter. Let's hope that's the way it goes! Have a great weekend!


Dapoppins said...
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Dapoppins said...

Oh sheesh. Can we come too! That looks fun. Course, i would be the tourist. But that is okay, right?

Mrs. M said...

candyland themed waterpark? that is delightfully cheesy and i want to go there!!!!