15 February 2007


I've had some really crappy jobs. Ok, maybe the jobs weren't really crappy, but some of the people I've worked with...or for...have been. So now that I have a job I really enjoy and some amazing people to work for & with, I am grateful. Today they proved even more how sweet they are by giving me a "congratulations on the baby/we'll miss you while you're on maternity leave" luncheon. Yummy Mexican food, adorable presents for baby boy, and a $50 gift card to "use on baby if you must, but really you should use it for yourself". This from 2 great bosses & 1 co-worker whom I can't appreciate enough. Yeah...sometimes you have to see why the people & the job are worth more than the low salary.

Speaking of kindness, I was actually touched by last night's season finale of "Beauty & the Geek". Yes, I admit to being an addicted fan of the reality show, but it reminds me of oh-so-many people I've know...both the beauties AND the geeks. My favourite "geek" won, which made me happy, but it was the second place "geek" that was the real hero of the show. See, his teammate, this bimbo named CeCe, hadn't changed, hadn't been affected by the experiment of the show, hadn't grown as a person. She is the kind of person who believes she deserves to be pampered, taken care of, and have only wealthy men in her life...and will stomp on anyone who tries to prevent her from having it. Her bleached blonde, little girly voice image had to be preserved at any cost...and because of it, her partner Nate, was more than willing to give up the $250,000 prize money in the hopes that maybe, just maybe someday she would learn a lesson from the whole thing. It was about his growth, his self-sacrifice in this day & age when most people really seem out for the cash, the glory, the celebrity of reality TV. He proved that the point of the show really is about people and self-growth. Maybe its goofy to be moved by a TV show created by Ashton Kutcher of all people...but it seems like one of the few shows on primetime these days that really gets into the psyche and emotions and basics of people and stereotypes...and that kindness does win in the end.

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