07 February 2007

Just a bit o'blah

Well, the weather is still dreadfully cold (oooh...today's expected high? 12 degrees! That's nearly a heatwave around here these days!), last night we did another night at "Dinner by Design" and stocked up the freezer with 7 more yummy meals in preparation for baby's arrival, which I might add is 2 weeks from today! I'm amazingly achey, uncomfortable, akward, and finally have most things packed in a hospital bag. (Any suggestions of things I might be forgetting?) Today's final ultrasound reveals that he's measuring in around 6 lb. 9 oz. and everything looks great! I'm planning to continue working this week & next. What more can I say?


Kassi said...

Oooh! I'm excited for you :) Be careful and stay warm. You are so smart to make pre prepared meals. Good thinking! Don't forget your toothbrush..that is the worst.

ordinarygirl said...

I'm thinking about trying Super Suppers out here (based on your post about Dinner by Design). Maybe next week I'll get an evening to try it out.

Stay warm!