05 February 2007

The Big Chill

Holy Crap it's cold! Today is the sort of day for bundling under the biggest, thickest sweater & socks you own, and then wrapping up in a giant fleece blanket with a big mug o'tea and doing nothing but watching some good movies. Why? Because it's freakin' -13 below outside with a windchill of -35 degrees! Yikes! Schools were all closed today (thank goodness) so the kidlet gets to stay in as well. No snow, just bitter bitter cold. Brrrrr.

My luck I'll go into labour.


ordinarygirl said...

Wow, that's cold! I hate it being cold here and it's going to get up to a balmy 22!

I hate the summer because I don't like extreme heat, but I'm starting to hate the winter a bit too. I'd move somewhere more temperate, but I'd miss the change of seasons.

Kassi said...

yikes, I thought WE were cold. Just tell baby to hold off for a few more days...they are always so compliant :)