10 February 2007

Grumble, Grumble

Ok, so I really want everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE to know what a truly crappy return policy Target has. I should begin by saying I love Target. The damned store just sucks you in and before you know it you've spent $100 when you only went in for shampoo. They have good stuff. That's why we did our baby registry there. So you can imagine just how upset I was last night when I went to return a few gifts we'd received at my last shower. They were all items that we either already had or simply wanted to exchange for something else. Nothing remarkable...some onesies with (shudder) footballs all over them, a rough feeling blanket, some bibs, those tiny baby caps (seriously, how many of those things can you really use?), and some bottles (the 5th set of the same ones, I might add). Now, the givers of these gifts didn't give us a gift receipt, but since everything was the Target brand, we knew where they came from...and tags were still attached. It seems Target's return policy is that if you don't have a receipt, you get to return 2 single items in a one year period for store credit. Since I was married last year, and apparently returned something sometime in the past 365 sans receipt, I'm stuck with these things. Just stuck with them. No matter I don't want them, don't need them, and would just like to get something else from their store...I'm stuck with them at least until my 365 days are up. Then I could return ONE of them...not all 5. (They can't actually tell you when that year ends either...go figure.) Am I the only one who finds this utterly ridiculous? If it were most anywhere but Target I'd just ban shopping at the store entirely. Instead I simply want EVERYONE to know...and complain! I feel completely taken advantage of by them. *sigh* Ok...that's my rant for the day.


Kassi said...

That is rather ridiculous. Perhaps you should have started a scene. As a pregnant woman with just over a week to it would have been totally warrated...and probably would have worked.

I'm not pregnant, and it works every time.

Fin said...

K -
were any/some of these items from your registry? If so, did you mention that they were? I THINK that the registry is another way for them to verify that the purchase was made, and use that as a way to give you at least a store credit (i.e. target gift card!)
You could call your local store and ask to talk to the store manager - - explain what happened, your love of target, and your situation (with your hands being tied on not having receipts).
I don't think they'll cut you any slack on things that weren't purchased off your registry, but for the things that were, it's definitely worth a try.

angela said...

I hate target for this very reason. Once I brought back something with tags that was still being sold there and they wouldn't even exchange...

Hey girl...sorry for the long haitus...crazyness here...I'll be better.

Hope you are OK...will nose around your blog later...

Take care


Misty said...

Wierd, I've taken back WAY more than two things without a reciept in the last year, and they've given me a gift card with store credit. Maybe the people at my Target don't know this rule... you could always send it to me & I could return it for you!

ordinarygirl said...

I took back a Christmas gift because I couldn't fit it in my luggage to get it home. I was simply going to get a store credit (I had no receipt) and re-buy it when I got home.

No such luck. They wouldn't let me get a store credit. They said it was above their money limit for store credits ($19.99??). I had to exchange it for an item in the same section (electronics or music). Ugh!

I always put my gift receipts in the box when I give gifts from Target because of this very stupid exchange policy.