09 February 2007

The Golden Child...er...Piglet

So in my ever present quest to learn something new every day, today I was excited to learn that 2007, in the Chinese calendar, is not just the Year of the Pig, but rather the Year of the Golden Fire Pig. (let's have a collective "oooh, ahhh" here please) Apparently every 600 years or so this combination means that anyone born under this sign will live a life of luck & wealth. (Alright! At least one of my kids might take care of me in my old age?) Apparently this is causing all sorts of havoc at the hospitals in China & Korea as people are racing to have kids born this year. I have never put alot of faith in horoscopes, but I am always impressed when I read the traits of each of the signs on the placemats at Chinese restaurants. I just know that if my son can have luck & financial stability throughout his life, who can argue with that?

On a side note, the 13 year old kidlet made me proud last night. Her CO2 car was on display at the Technology Fair. Her teacher said that though hers wasn't the fastest, it was the most creative. (It looked like a goldfish.) He also said she is the hardest worker in class & the least trouble. Ah, golden words to a mother!

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Kassi said...

It must be the thing, The G.Z. has decided to go into robotics.

Congrats to kidlet!