30 May 2007

Summer Getaway #1

Last weekend the kidlet was off playing in the 18th century, so hubby, baby & I went up to Oshkosh (B'gosh!) to visit the Paine estate. It was gorgeous and made you truly feel transported to England rather than Wisconsin. The gardens were lush and lovely, with several different types of landscaping. And the exhibit of costumes was divine! (They didn't allow photos to be taken inside the building or of the costumes, but not one to be detered, I did sneak this photo through a window. Yes, that is Mr. Darcy's evening suit.) There were costumes from Elizabeth, Sense & Sensibility, Onegin, Ever After, Out of Africa, Dangerous Liasons, etc. I was mostly impressed by the fact that most were incorporated with vintage or antique fabrics. Well, I did get some shopping & swimming (and hottub lounging) time in the evening too. Sebastian had his first experience with swimming in a pool (or a "big bath" as I referred to it) and he LOVED it! Monday was off to Fond du Lac (yes, I find that a particular humourous name for a Wisconsin town...I always imagine it as Fondue Loch...Lake of Cheese!) where we visited the Galloway House & village. It was a cute little historical village and a pleasant enough way to pass the afternoon. We drove over to Lake Winnebago, which turns out to be the 2nd largest inland lake in the nation. They have an amazingly awesome park there with everything from bumperboats to a carousel to a petting zoo.

Now, this week is rather slow. I did win a Wisconsin Dells package from one of the radio stations, so we're considering going there for another getaway before the kidlet heads to her father's for the summer. Yeah, it definately seems like summer is here.

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Kimmer said...

What a fun weekend!!

We went to Mongolian BBQ on Monday, but that was about it.

I long for your jet-set life!