23 May 2007

Sassy Again

WARNING! *These photos were both taken very early on consecutive mornings, so I look bed in both.* I cut my hairs! Ok, these are really bad photos, but I feel sooo good to be back to my sassy self rather than grown out, can't do anything with it, and damn those baby hormones as I have been pulling clumps of hairs from my head daily. But now...my hairs are short & cute (cuter when they've been brushed, but this is the best you get right now).



Kimmer said...

I love your sassy hairs!!!!!

And they look SOOOOOOOOOO cool with the new glasses!

Miss Ya!

ordinarygirl said...

I like the new cut, and the smile. :)

Kassi said...

I've always loved this cut on you. Go Kimba :)

Mrs. M said...

you cut it yourself??? very impressive!