16 May 2007

Into the Wild

Spread literacy, free a book into the wild. I've tried to tell people about my favourite way of passing along the gift of reading, but I don't think many have joined in. So, I'm posting about it again today. It's fun, its relatively free, and its that random act of kindness that you put out into the world that, in my opinion, can only reap good karmic rewards.

The way Bookcrossing works is basically this: you go to their website, sign up, and then enter the books you are going to release and then where you're going to leave it. (Very simple.) Then you can purchase their waterproof bags or bookplates (or I think they have some you can just download for free), write the info on the bookplate, stick it inside the book, then leave the book somewhere. Anywhere...a Starbucks, the shopping carts at the grocer, your doctor's office, a park bench...literally anywhere it could potentially be found. (I found my first book stuck on a giant lion statue in a park.) Hopefully someone finds the book goes to the website (as instructed on the bookplate), enters the info and the intent is that they will then read the book, and then do the same thing...releasing it again back "into the wild" for someone else to find, read, & share.

The weather is getting nice, people will be outside more, give someone a book they may never have picked up before...today! It's cool. You should be so cool.


KimR said...

How many copies of "Good Omens" have I unwittingly released into the wild??

I'm keeping my current copy for the rest of my life. Does it count if you leave crappy books for other people to pick up?

Kimba said...

I'll admit I've released plenty of books I didn't deam "good enough" to keep on my bookshelves...but hey, you never about other people's tastes!

ordinarygirl said...

Hey, that sounds pretty neat. The good thing about it is that I can pick up paperbacks at my used bookstore for a few dollars. Next time I'm there I'll pick up a few I liked to release into the wild.

Dapoppins said...

I have a shelf of interesting books that it might be fun to do this with. Jane Austin anyone?