10 May 2007

Farewell my friends...talk hard, talk fast

Today is a sad day for me. My favourite TV show is ending & I just found out this morning thanks to Christine. For several years now my family knows that Tuesday nights are mine to share with Lorelai & Rory...the Gilmore Girls. These witty women with their endless pop culture references are like old friends I've witnessed change & grow. They could easily fit in with my real-life group of friends. I've wondered what it would be like to stay at the Dragonfly Inn in Stars Hallow. My daughter had watched the show and views Rory as a bit of a role model and has often said how glad she is that she & I have as close of a relationship as the characters do. And now there are only 2 episodes left before those "friends" are gone forever...with no advance warning of their departure. I'd have a farewell party if only I knew anyone else who watched the show as faithfully as I have. In true Gilmore style I'll wear a black veiled hat on May 15th.


PatentPrincess said...

Kimba, it's only ONE episode left! *Sob sob sob!!!!* I can't believe it! It's too bad more of us bloggers don't know each other in real life because I've come across many others who feel the same way as us!

*Putting on my black veil*


Mrs. M said...

i'll miss it too.....