25 May 2007

Memories...like the corners of my mind

Here's hoping everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend (or Rememberance Day as it was known until sometime in the 1960s).
The kidlet is off to Vincennes in Indiana for Revolutionary War reenactment fun with our friends Jodi & Ray. Tonight hubby & I are going to see Johnny Depp in all his Capt. Jack gloriousness in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. Happy Piratey goodness!

On Sunday hubby, baby & I are going to Oshkosh (B'Gosh!) to visit the Paine Art Center, which is a historical estate & gardens who are having a wonderful exhibit on historical costuming in films. Oh darn! I just HATE seeing fabulous mansions, beautiful gardens in full bloom, and lovely historical costumes! (yes, that would be sarcasm...the photo here is one of the costumes on display from "Emma"). Then we'll spend the night so I'll be able to luxuriate in a hottub & indoor pool, before going to see more historical mansions & village on Monday!

Enjoy your weekend, however you choose to spend it!


Susan said...

What a great exhibit that must be! I love it.

My DS 2 is out at Pirates right now. They watched the other two here at my house today then headed out to the theater.

Have a great weekend.

:-) Susan

Dapoppins said...

Pardon me as I scream in jealousy.