26 May 2007

Because it really is all about Meme...

Consider yourself tagged it you're actually reading this. I'm bored (would you believe I accidentally came to work 1 1/2 hours earlier on a Saturday morning than I needed to? If only that meant leaving early...alas, no).

What were you doing 10 years ago?
How sad is it that 10 years ago I was being mom to the kidlet, then 3. Married to the now Ex. In Michigan. And working at the renaissance faire. Things, apparently, don't evolve drastically for me.
What were you doing 1 year ago?
It is actually the one year anniversary of starting my job at the Wustum Museum.
Five snacks you enjoy
1.Ice cream
2. Tortilla chips & salsa
3. brownies
4. Slurpies (mmm...)
5. Funyuns
Five songs that you know all the lyrics to
1. Save a Prayer (Duran Duran) 2. 99 Red Balloons (Nena...english & german versions) 3. We Didn't Start the Fire (Billy Joel) 4. Defying Gravity (Wicked) 5. What do you do with a Drunken Sailor?
Five things you would do if you were a millionaire
1. Pay off ALL of our debt, including the mortgage
2. Buy myself a car
3. Take a cool trip with the family to Europe (and probably bring my best friend's family along)
4. Put money away for the children's educations
5. Buy some gas for the car!
Five bad habits
1. Talking on the cell while driving
2. Not exercising enough
3. Incessant need to check emails & favourite blogs daily
4. Drinking soda
5. Spending money rather than saving
Five things you like doing
1. Being with my family
2. Sex
3. Being with my friends
4. Travelling
5. Acting
Five things you would never wear again
1. bubble skirts
2. neon clothing
3. knickers
4. sequin bustier
5. torn off-the-shoulder sweatshirt
Five favorite toys
1. Fashion Designer
2. Legos
3. Water/pool toys
4. Board games, esp. Clue or Balderdash
5. crayons & colouring books

1 comment:

PatentPrincess said...

Balderdash is such a great game. I'm only sorry that Bruce and I usually don't have a lot of company so we can't play it that often!

I hope you're doing well!